September 22, 2021

Side Effects of Zoloft & Dry Mouth

Are you currently being treated for depression? If so, chances are you are troubled with the frustrating unwanted effect of dry or cotton mouth. The complex name for it is Xerostomia and often mass quantities of water can not calm the unwanted thirst. Here are some tips to help this troublesome side effects.

Zoloft Side Effects


Zoloft is actually an anti-depressant in the group of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, called SSRI’s. Zoloft can be used to take care of depression, panic disorders, post traumatic anxiety malady along with obsessive-compulsive problems. It does offer certain unintended effects for example tiredness, nausea or vomiting, lowered sexual libido, some weakness, appetite alterations and dry mouth.


Whether you’re taking anti-depressants like Zoloft or another treatment that triggers dry or cotton mouth, try the subsequent:

• Cut down intake of caffeinated drinks, decreasing caffeine, tea along with sodas.
• Alcohol and tobacco dry the mouth, prevent them.
• Get plenty of fluids along with sweetener-free beverages to remain hydrated. Add lemon to assist satisfy thirst. Minimize spicy or salty foods; they will maximize your thirst.
• Chew sugarless bubble gum or sugarless hard candy to stimulate saliva.
• Get to sleep using a warm air humidifier on within the bed room.


These solutions may help in fighting dry mouth brought on by Zoloft or anti depressants:

• Gargle along with Biotene, an alcohol-free mouth wash which is very beneficial in coping with dry mouth.
• Try out Mouth Kote, a phony saliva that can also be available at the pharmacy.
• Oasis, one more mouthwash for cotton mouth which comes in a pocket size bottle of spray.
• Lemon tasting glycerin swab sticks, which are usually utilized on chemo patients can be obtained at your drug store.
• Lemon hard candies and lollipops can also be helpful for invigorating the mouth.
• Pepper mint candy as well as other sugar free candies will even help to keep saliva moving.


In the event that these guidelines aren’t effective to relieve your dry mouth concerns being a side-effect to Zoloft, consult your physician because the dose might need to be modified.
In case you are showing any of these unwanted side effects from using Zoloft, call up your physician immediately: seizure, tremors, shivering, muscle tissue rigidity, sense of balance or co-ordination concerns, increased anxiety, confusion, perspiring or rapid pulse.

Expert Wisdom

Should you be fed up of plain mineral water, try using some sugar-free drink combinations to add to your water. Some even include extra vitamin supplements. Start adding some fruit flesh cuts as well as try to eat much more fruit. Fruits contain a great deal of juice that should recharge the mouth area and taste buds.