There are several treatment options available for glaucoma in the medical industry. If detected in the early stages, glaucoma can be treated with pills, eye drops, laser surgery and traditional surgical treatment. These treatment options can prevent the irreversible loss of vision caused by glaucoma. For many of the treatment options of glaucoma to be successful and effective, it is important that the disease is detected in the early stages.

The selective laser trabeculoplasty also is known as  SLT glaucoma surgery, is an in-office laser procedure that has been in use since 1995 for the treatment of glaucoma. Slt glaucoma treatment uses a laser to reduce the pressure that causes glaucoma in patients. Slt treatment has a success rate of 80% and it is known to reduce the pressure by 20% to 30%. Research has also found out that slt treatment is similar in its outcome to the best glaucoma treating eye drops and its effect lasts from three to five years. This treatment can also be repeated when the effect is fading away.

There are many misconceptions, doubts and rumours regarding slt eye surgery that is still doing the rounds, even though it has been in use for more than 20 years. Here is a clarification on some of the common myths surrounding slt glaucoma treatment.

  1. Does SLT work?

As per experts, the important thing to note about slt treatment for glaucoma is that it is effective in treating glaucoma when it is used for treating glaucoma in its early stages. So if a patient has been diagnosed with glaucoma within a few weeks or months, then slt will show great results. However, if you’re choosing slt in a later stage for the treatment of glaucoma or want to avoid surgery and are planning to opt for slt, then it might not show the best results for you. If you choose slt eye surgery, then it has a better outcome when performed in the early stages of glaucoma.

  1. Does medical insurance cover slt?

Yes, Medicare and some levels of medical insurance will cover slt because it is an FDA recognised treatment for glaucoma. So it’s important for patients to understand that the myth that medical insurance will not pay for slt eye treatment is false.

  1. Once you get slt you have to repeat it every few years?

The fact that slt can be repeated doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be repeated every few years. Slt treatment lasts for several years and if there is a need, it can be repeated to continue the effect for several more years. Slt is only repeated when the effect of the first treatment starts to fade, which only happens after three to four years of the first slt treatment.

  1. SLT is for acute glaucoma?

This is not true at all. In fact, slt is best suited for early stages of glaucoma. The success rate of glaucoma treatment has increases when it’s been used for patients diagnosed with glaucoma in the early stages.


Instead of believing rumours and misconceptions about slt treatment for glaucoma, you should visit your ophthalmologist and get all the details about whether the treatment will be suitable for your glaucoma condition or not. There is a lot of medical research to support or refute rumours about any illness, so always do your research and speak to a medical professional before making a decision regarding the treatment option that you want to pursue.

Do you know what kind of medical practices can be done by quasi-nurses? Normally, a standard nurse will conduct medical practice while seeking instructions from doctors and nurses.

Patient ‘s health check, drug – related guidance and management etc are common tasks both in ward and outpatient. Not only health concerning the body but also care of the mind, etc are also tasks imposed on the quasi-nurses.
It is a word to listen frequently, but depending on the condition of mental condition, there is also a great influence on the recovery of diseases and injuries, as long as there is a word that “disease is sick”. It can be said that care of the hearts of patients and patients is also the work of an important quasi-nurse.

For medical treatment, treatment, medical treatment, doctors will support. Relatively mild treatment such as exchanging the bandage and replacing the poultice, which is necessary during the treatment, is an important medical practice of the quasi-nurse.

We prepare medical instruments before examination, investigate medical instruments on a case-by-case basis, and prepare and support such as change of clothes when patient performs examination. When doing a blood test, I also do injections, and it is the job of an associate nurse to prepare and tidy up medical records for intravenous drip, blood pressure measurement, body temperature and body seizure.

In the wards, there are medical practices that associate nurses and other staffs are working together in collaboration, such as cleaning patients and moving to bed.

What is involved in surgical operations is an advanced medical practice involving the doctor, but usually the same thing as nursing practice performed by a nurse is a task assigned to a quasi-nurse. Basically, it is said that the doctor and nurses accept instructions from the doctor, but the work content of nurses and associate nurses is almost unchanged.

If you are doing the same task as a nurse, you would like to seek as much nurse as treatment, is not it a real feeling of a quasi-nurse? Treatment is often different between nurses and associate nurses, but there are job offers under the same treatment in some of them.

However, it is still big whether the qualification that I have is a national qualification and it is also the current situation that there is a difference in treatment. And there are many cases where disparity is large depending on the place of employment as an associate nurse recruitment.

For example, salary will change depending on the clinical subjects of hospitals and medical facilities depending on what kind of medical practice is requested to a standard nurse, so it is important to make a firm determination when you change your career. It would be a good idea to enter a career change site that treats candidate nurse teachers as a target and to find the right job for you.

Please find a medical facility that you can do medical care you desire and stay active with your time.

There are two kinds of occupations in occupations that do nursing at medical facilities and so on. I am a nurse and an associate nurse. The same “nurse” is attached, but it is a profession of different qualifications.

Nurse qualification is a national qualification but in the case of an associate nurse it is not a nation but a prefectural governor qualification. The prefectural governor qualification is the form of being able to receive qualifications from the prefectural governor who received the exam by clearing the governor exam conducted in each municipality.

Of course not only for nurses, but also for aiming to be an associate nurse, we need to do specialized education and practice at a designated school. Only those who graduate from a designated school or who have qualification for graduation can receive an associate nurse exam.

If you are a quasi-nurse you need to train for 2 to 3 years, for a nurse 3 to 5 years it will be necessary, but depending on the method chosen the time will change.

If you go to a senior high school with a nursing and sanitation section after graduating from junior high school, you can get the entrance examination for post-recycling examination by receiving 3 years of education and specialized in becoming a qualified nurse after graduating from high school If you go to school, you will have qualification as a quasi-nurse after 2 years of education.

Depending on the route selected in this manner, the age at which you can become a quasi – nurse and the number of years it takes vary, so aim for your quasi – nurse while considering when you would like to start working as a qualified nurse.

Some people step up from a quasi-nurse to a nurse. A quasi-nurse who has more than 3 years of practical experience can obtain the exam qualification for entrance to a nurse training school and if he is a quasi nurse who has work experience for 10 years or more, a nurse It also became possible to learn training education by correspondence education.

Nurses practice medical nursing based on instructions received from doctors and sometimes face medical practice with the idea of the nurse himself. If you are a nurse or an associate nurse, we will promote medical care and nursing practices according to instructions received from doctors and nurses.

There is no particular difference between the actual nursing professionals and the nursing care workers in particular, but there are many cases where differences arise from nursing professionals nationals who are not qualified nationals and nonstandard nurses .

If you aim to become a nurse president etc. in the future, if you are a quasi-nurse, you need to aim for a nurse first. It is also a person who searches for a workplace with no difference in treatment, even if you are trying to work hard as a quasi-nurse. Try to find a workplace closer to your own hope by utilizing career change websites specialized for quasi-nurses.

Some of the people who are offending work of nurses may have a chance to get married or birth. And some people are thinking about re-employment around the end of the nursing period after childbirth. However, in the current situation, it is difficult to deposit small children in nursery schools, especially in urban areas.

In the case like the above, it is also recommended to look for a hospital that has a nursery. In some hospitals with daycare, there are cases where you keep your child all day.

It is saved for Mama-san nurse who thought that night shift is difficult because there is a small child. There are also nurses who worked while taking a narrow thought of their shoulders because they would be on a day-to-day basis when they have a child.

Recently, hospitals like those mentioned above are gradually increasing. Even a nurse who has a small child is increasingly aiming for balancing work on housework, childcare, and work . However, it may be a bit difficult to say whether it is also in the area where you live.

If a hospital with a nursery is not in your area, you also have to think that it will take time to commute.
By the way, how to look for such day nursing hospitals is to use a career change website dedicated to nurses. In the first place, there are many nursing career changing sites on the net at the moment.

Please try looking for a website that you can use as easily as possible. When finding a job change site dedicated to nurse, I will tell the consultant who is in charge that “I am hoping for a hospital with a nearby daycare center as much as possible”.

By doing so, you will be informed immediately when job hiring at a nursery hospital is relatively close to your area of residence.

You can easily find a career change website for nurses just by typing in search search of Google and others. By entry, you can also check non-public job offerings.

The job offer details registered for each change job site and the number of job openings are different, but the possibility of finding hospitals with nurseries is high, by entry to places with many job offers. It is recommended not to enter one, but to enter several change job sites.

Some people never trust that almighty cleanse package will work when they decide to give it a try. Never be like these doubting Thomases. You have reviews in the internet of people who have used the packages and seen results. These products work. You are free however, to seek expert advice before you commit to any of the packages. Still, you can just try but if you notice they do not work, the guarantee is your security. You can pick the remaining capsules and take them back to where you bought them and get your money back.

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it might help men with existing heart disease


When it comes to men with coronary artery disease, there may be no such thing as lowering total blood cholesterol levels too far. A study in the current issue of the journal Circulation found that the arteries in male patients with a cholesterol level as low as 155 milligrams per deciliter_a figure many Americans would envy_benefited from cholesterol-lowering medication as much as those with higher levels.

For perspective, the National Cholesterol Education Program’s guidelines for adults recommend that heart disease patients aim for a cholesterol level of about 160 mg/dl. For adults without heart disease, anything below 200 mg/dl is considered desirable. While some research has raised questions about the safety of very low cholesterol levels, no danger has been proved.

The new report fuels an ongoing debate about how aggressively to treat heart disease patients whose cholesterol is already fairly low. Dutch scientists studied 885 men under age 70 with total blood cholesterol levels ranging from 155 mg/dl_lower than patients in other studies of cholesterol-lowering drugs_to 310 mg/dl. All of the men had symptoms such as a previous heart attack or angina pain. After meeting with a dietitian to discuss a lower-fat diet, about half the men received the drug pravastatin and the others got a placebo. Pravastatin, sold in the United States by

Bristol-Myers Squibb as Pravachol, belongs to a class of drugs that includes simvastatin (Zocor) and lovastatin (Mevacor).

Good numbers. After two years, the pravastatin group’s cholesterol levels had improved, while the placebo group’s hadn’t markedly changed. In the pravastatin patients, total cholesterol dropped 20 percent and LDL_or “bad”_cholesterol fell 29 percent. In addition, their HDL_or “good”

cholesterol, thought to have a protective effect_rose 10 percent.

Beyond the numbers, artery-clogging deposits actually shrank in 54 of the men who received the drug, compared with only 30 of those on the placebo. Arteries continued to narrow in 142 of the pravastatin-treated men but 181 of the placebo patients. About an equal number in each group saw no change. Only 20 pravastatin patients needed an unanticipated angioplasty to unclog an artery, compared with 47 in the placebo group.In each of the groups, about two dozen men had to undergo unexpected heart-bypass surgery. Study co-author Albert Bruschke, a cardiologist at the University Hospital Leiden, says he and his collaborators plan to study women next.

Some leading U.S. cardiology researchers note that coronary artery disease is relatively uncommon in people with very low cholesterol levels. In the United States, only about 20 percent of first-time heart-attack patients fall below 200 mg/dl.

But Bruschke points out that even people in China, where a total cholesterol of 155 mg/dl is considered above normal, develop heart disease. Whatever the definition of high cholesterol, Bruschke’s study is one of several that underscore the need to treat it_a message that still hasn’t gotten across to all cardiologists and patients. In that light, observes Scott Grundy, chairman of the American Heart Association’s cholesterol task force: “I don’t think we ought to quibble over exactly what number we should start with.”







Suffering from a heart attack can be scary and deadly. However, heart attacks can be prevented. Here are a few tips to help you reduce your risk of heart attacks and heart disease.

Tips To Prevent Heart Attacks
healthy-food-stocksEat Healthy

Cut out foods high in cholesterol. Bad cholesterol create heart attacks by blocking arteries. Promote heart health by cutting out trans fats and too much sugar. Add omega-3 to your diet. Also eat more fruits and vegetables. The best foods to eat for heart health are the following:

Leafy Greens
Lean Beef
Dark Chocolate
Whole Grains

Regular exercise can prevent heart disease. If you have heart disease, it can slow down its progression. Exercise is more about promoting cardiovascular health than it is about losing weight. Exercise improves your overall health. If you walk a mile a day, you are decreasing your risk of a heart attack.

Reduce Stress

Stress can cause heart attacks. Reduce your stress by practicing relaxation techniques or removing stressful situations from your life. If your job is stressful, try to find another job that is not. If your schedule is stress, try to eliminate some items or delegate.

Lower Blood Pressure

Keep your blood pressure below 130/80. Low blood pressure can help prevent a sudden heart attack. High blood pressure do not have obvious symptoms. It is best to measure your blood pressure daily at home. Foods such as white beans, tilapia, pork tenderloin, kiwi, bananas, kale, peaches and broccoli can naturally lower blood pressure.

Lower Cholesterol

You can improve your cholesterol by eliminating foods high in LDL. LDL is bad cholesterol that leads to heart attack. You should eat foods that have more HDL. HDL is the good cholesterol that protects you against heart disease. If your total cholesterol is high, the chances of you suffering from a heart attack is increased. Ideally, your total cholesterol ratio divided by HDL should be 3.0.

Benefits-of-Quitting-SmokingQuit Smoking or Using Tobacco Products

Smoking and using tobacco products such as chewing tobacco can increase your chances of developing a heart disease. Nicotine is bad for your blood vessels. It restricts and narrows them. This makes it easier for them to be blocked and cause a heart attack.

Maintain Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight helps to prevent heart attacks and diabetes. Obesity can lead to other health related diseases that can cause a heart attack. If you are overweight, diet and exercise can help. However, it is best to consult with a dietitian or your doctor to figure out what works best for you.

Take Diabetes Seriously

People with diabetes have an increased risk of developing heart disease. Regulating your sugar by taking your medicine, exercising and sticking to your doctor recommended diet can prevent diabetes causing a heart attack. So take responsibility for your diabetes and do not take unnecessary risk. An A1C reading that is lower than 7% is your goal.

Understanding Heart Failure
Many people do not have a fundamental understanding of heart failure. The name itself almost implies that the heart has completely stopped working, but that is not necessarily the case. What it does mean is that it is no longer able to pump effectively as it was designed to do. In other words, it has to work harder to pump blood throughout the body. Eventually, it becomes more and more inefficient as it stretches and stiffens over time. Typically, the heart beats faster and harder than normal during the beginning stages of heart failure, and as the disease progresses, it grows weaker and weaker. In more advanced stages, it is unable to contract with the force that is needed to sufficiently pump blood throughout the body and it continues to grow weaker still. Eventually, it can cause severe arrhythmia. People that live with advanced heart failure typically die because of heart rhythm disorders, because blood has backed up into the lungs and they are no longer able to breathe, or because the heart itself is simply no longer able to put up with the strain and stops functioning.

HN_BB_Heart_Disease_3_prevent-img_1280x720Habits That Lead to Heart Failure
What are some of the most common habits that lead to heart failure? Without a doubt, one of the most frequent behaviors is leading a sedentary lifestyle. People that fail to get the exercise that they need and who eat unhealthy foods that are packed with fat, preservatives and sugar have a higher incidence of heart failure than those that refrain from these habits. Typically, any type of lifestyle that is unhealthy, such as smoking or drinking, also can be related to heart failure. Many of these lifestyles lead to an increased possibility of suffering a heart attack, which can easily cause heart failure as a complication. Of course, there are times when it simply exists through no fault of the individual involved. This happens when there is some structural problem with the heart or there is a pre-existing condition that could not be averted through changes in lifestyle.

Managing Your Life While Living with Heart Failure
When people initially get the diagnosis of heart failure, they typically feel like their entire life has come to an abrupt end. However, the disease can be managed, sometimes for years. Mild cases can even be reversed in some instances. For those who are unable to reverse the disease, medication and lifestyle changes can make a huge difference. In many cases, they are able to lead relatively normal lives, even do mild exercise. Eventually, the disease will take its toll but many people can live it for up to a decade. In fact, those who are suffering from the disease must make the lifestyle changes in order to manage it effectively. It makes it even more important to eat healthy, get exercise and get plenty of rest, not to mention managing stress. By doing all of these things and taking medication, the disease can be kept at bay for some time.