October 4, 2022

How to choose a Dietitian Nutritionist to Meet Your Needs

Are you confused about nutrition information Are you looking to be happy with your food choices? Do you want to improve your health? A dietician in london can support and assist you in reaching your goals. Next, you need to find a dietitian nutritionist who can meet your needs.

My blog post will explain the differences between a nutritionist and a dietitian.

How to choose a dietitian nutritionist to meet your needs

Individualized Coaching

  • What would you prefer to receive information or be counseled?
  • Do you prefer to be told what do, or to be coached?
  • Are you more comfortable being told the answers, or researching and finding the answers? Or both?

I help clients identify their key areas of focus using my professional judgement and assessment. I also provide motivational guidance and goal setting assistance with scheduled follow ups .

I do not offer one-directional counselling. I will share information with you and give handouts, but it is based more on behavioural change practices. Changing our perceptions and habits are the key to improving our overall health.

Information is everywhere, but you need to have the skills and experience to make it worth your while. It would be best if you had someone who can connect with you and your family and meet your needs right where they are. This will help you get to where you want to go.

Planning & Strategizing

  • Are you happy to receive a plan? Do you prefer a personalized plan tailored to your needs?
  • Are you more comfortable with following rules? Do you prefer rules or flexibility?

My practice helps you find the balance between satisfying your nutritional needs and enjoying your meals.

My approach to meal planning and preparation is to focus on what you should have in your freezer and pantry, as well as create a quick, easy, balanced, and satisfying list. Planning how to use leftovers can help you save time and reduce waste. You can download and purchase your Meal Planning Basics Guide to help you get started.

One might decide that they prefer a meal plan and follow it. Even though it’s not something I offer, some amazing dietitians can provide this service.

Make Peace & Joy With Your Food

  • Are you more comfortable following a rigid diet or listening to your inner cues to find peace?
  • Are you fed up of trying to decide on what to eat?
  • Are you looking to be more flexible with the food you eat?

If you are often confused about what to eat, lose your enthusiasm for food, or have doubts about whether or not you should eat something, I can help.

Embrace & Respect Your Body

  • Are you frustrated by your body’s shape and size?
  • Are you a person who has spent all of your life trying to fix it?
  • Are you blaming yourself for your weight?

If you look at others’ photos and feel bad about yourself or think back to your youth and wonder “Why did I feel so fat?” I’m here. My professional experience and personal experience make me more compassionate and capable of helping others with this issue.

Recognize that the difficulties you are facing are not your fault. Working together, you’ll see that your body is more than its shape, size, or silhouette. It’s possible to love your body, but we will work together to make it more respectable and embrace it. It will make you feel at home in your body… how comforting!

This does not imply weight loss or weight management. You should also know that promises of weight loss are never guaranteed. Everybody is unique and different. The genetic makeup of your body and the ups and downs it has experienced will impact how you eat and exercise. Even if everyone followed the same diet and exercise regimen, our bodies will have different sizes and weights. If you think this is all you need, likely, I can’t help. In my nutrition practice, weight is not a measure of progress or health. However, I know you will find another dietitian who can help you with realistic weight management.

Skill Development

  • Are you looking for help in HOW to cook or shop?
  • Are you looking for one-on-one guidance and support?

To help you plan meals faster and easier, I offer private and customized grocery tours in your local shop. I can also help you decipher nutrition labels and nutrition messaging. Private cooking classes are available for children and adults. We focus on 3-5 skills that will inspire you to cook together. We will discuss the cuisines you are interested in learning and then you’ll get the recipe.

You can arrange group grocery tours at certain grocery stores like Save On Foods, Choices and Independent Grocers by Loblaws. True Nosh offers regular sugar-free cooking classes for those who don’t want to participate in the nutrition coaching.

What can you expect during our sessions

Take the initiative to work with me

We would first schedule a 15-minute inquiry call to learn more about each other, your goals, and the progress you have made in achieving them. If we are a good match, I will share the packages I offer and my recommendations to best fit your needs.

It’s All About You

My approach is YOU-focused. It’s not all about me or my experience. The bottom line is you and your needs, barriers, and skills. It’s about you, your life stage and your lifestyle.

Assessment and Follow-up

The first session will be a 60 to 75 minute assessment covering your medical history, food preferences/preferences, and daily life style. I take the time to get to know you so I can provide guidance and support aligned with your goals.

Then, I will help you establish health goals that suit your needs. These outcomes include meal frequency, balance and satiety, increased energy, sleep quality, stress levels and movement.

My job is to help you set realistic goals and make a difference.

We review your previous goals and discuss how they went. Then we go over what was changed or added to the list. There is no wrong way to progress. Every experience informs our coaching plans further and we will adapt your plan each session. We always set new goals to keep things exciting and motivated.

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