September 22, 2021

Top Ways to Stay Fit

Are you bored with the same old gym routine? Do you long to try something fun and different? Well, looks set to be the year that the unusual, the social and the free fitness trends will rise in abundance. There are many different forms of exercise that will keep us fit and also create a unique experience for us, that will keep us coming back for more. Many of these are gym based, but there are also a whole host of free activities that will get you back to nature. Here are the top ways to stay fit in.

How To Stay Fit

Join A Team

This seems like an obvious statement to make, but many people believe they have to be perfect at a sport before they can join in with a team. There are hundreds of sports you can pick from, Football, Hockey and even swimming teams, with each of these showcasing their own form of fun. By joining in a team activity, you will gain some healthy competition and let’s face it, competition keeps us going at times. You will also be able to get some socialising with others who are interested in keeping fit and the sport you have chosen; when sports become social, the opportunities can become limitless, you can follow other teams and even get involved in some team odds such as football betting or playing for local trophies – what could be better than that?

Take in the Great Outdoors

With the economic climate so uncertain, you need to know that you have the money to join a gym. However, don’t despair, as there are a whole host of activities that are just as fun and FREE. is set to see a rise in outdoor pursuits such as hiking, jogging and even just walking the dog. Walking and jogging are just as fun as any other form of exercise and by completing them outdoors, you will also get the health benefits of fresh air. Walking, hiking and running will require specific footwear or good quality, but apart from this you just need to make sure you are getting your heart rate going. The current recommended amount of exercise is 2 hours 30 minutes per week as reported by the NHS. So a couple of moderate walks a week, on top of a daily walk, will give you the necessary health benefits.

Stretch, Flex and Use Your Own Weight

Strength training was originally kept to weight lifting and people training for the marathon, but strength training has had a makeover over the last few years to introduce some fun new ways to gain flexibility and power. One of the most fun, strength based fitness trends is pole dancing. This form of dance relies upon upper body strength, you will have to be able to hold your own weight and it also requires you to be flexible in both your upper and lower body. On top of all the obvious health benefits, it will build muscle, burn fat and give you some cardio exercise, but it is also great fun which will boost you mental fitness. If you don’t want to take a class, then why not look at strength exercises at home. This can be done through online tutorials on sites such as youtube and all you will need is the space to do them. Some of the most popular, at home, exercises are Yoga, Pilates and Thai Chi; each of these will increase your flexibility, muscle strength and leave you feeling relaxed. An all over health workout that is worth every minute!