Julia Griggs Havey Master Motivator. I have the secret tips to your weight loss woes. Oh, what I wouldn’t have given for the answer to weight loss worries back when I was over 20 stones. Then, of course, I tried to find the secret. I looked everywhere for an answer. It wasn’t until I looked within that I found the lasting solution that I desired.

Within? Okay, that sounds easy enough but WHERE? You want an exact location to go to in order to find this secret? Okay, here it is YOUR MIND!Like any great achievement that you set out to accomplish in life, you must start by making up your mind that you are going to do whatever it takes to reach your goal. Then you need a plan. For most people, getting started seems to be the hardest part of the journey. But it really doesn’t have to be.Here’s a quick question for you. When you decide to ‘go on a diet’, which of the following is your aim.

How often do you step on the scale in a happy, positive mood and step off in despair? Do you go into a changing room feeling on top of the world but come out feeling you’re carrying the weight of the world. Gi PlanNew Total Well being Plan New! Mediterranean Plane Diets Healthy Eating PlanTesco Gi Plan Atkins Nutritional Approach Cholesterol-Lowering PlanDairy-Free PlanDiabetes PlanNew! Gluten-Free PlanHeart Smart PlanHigh-Fibre PlanLower-Sugar Plan Low-Fat PlanLow-Sodium PlanVegetarian Plan submit Gi PlanLearn More.

Because there are so many components to healthy living, it’s time to recognise that the scale only accounts for one of these variables. The scale or the number on the label of your trousers is just that – it’s merely a number and this number is NOT an indication of who you are. Our overall wellness is far more important than the number that the little piece of equipment shows us or the number on the label of your clothes.

We are made up of so very many facets that it’s time to give ourselves credit for everything else we do, think and feel! Here are several ways in which you can measure your success on a daily or weekly basis programs. Measuring success in these ways will help you to become aware of your accomplishments even when the scale hasn’t a clue.

• Number of times you exercised

• Number of times you refused dessert meal/unhealthy snack and foods /second helpings

• Number of times you asserted your needs

• Number of times you refrained from giving in to cravings

• Changes in measurements (inches around specific parts of body)

• Change in percentage body fat

• Number of times you turned negative thinking into positive thinking

• Number of entries in your journal

• Number of times you offset stress in a healthy manner

• Number of times you took time for YOU

Not all of these objectives will apply to everybody at all times, so you must pick and choose the ones that ideal work for you and the ones you are willing to work on – starting today. There is no special formula for any one individual’s success. Therefore, you must become open minded about giving each of these ideas a chance at working for you. Opening your mind to your aims, your goals and your success is the true secret to weight loss.Fretting over the number on the scale just isn’t the right mindset to carry with you as you venture down this path to health and wellness.

Your aim in following a weight loss plan is to get healthy. Having a little black dress in mind for the Christmas party will certainly help you get through the chocolate shakes cravings but the most important reason for weight loss is to live your life in a healthy manner.On any given day, week or month, you may be doing everything healthily foods and drinks: eating well protein supplements, exercising, drinking water and thinking positive thoughts. But the wretched scale just isn’t budging. We have all been there and done that! What often happens is that you throw in the proverbial dieting towel and reach for the nearest biscuit. Not only is your motivation shot down but your progress comes to a screeching halt – just because the scale didn’t budge. If you really think about it, this is just absurd behaviour.

If you are living a healthy lifestyle, it is just a matter of time until your body catches up to your mind and better reflects your actions.Now that you hold the ultimate solution in your hands, what are you going to do with it? The answer to that question is “apply it to all that you do. Getting healthier involves a mindset and a lifestyle, not just a weight or dress size. We can always improve our health and live even healthier than the day before. This is an endless journey with great benefits. I have summed this thought up into what I call the Havey Theorem .

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