We all know how exciting and thrilling surfing can be! It’s an extremely challenging yet fun water sports. The one sport that gives you the power to sway with the waves. It is one of the most loved and practised water sports all over the world. Almost all destinations near the sea and all beaches allow experienced surfers to surf in the waters. Though you stay only above the water surface, but the deeper the water is, the better surfing experience you feel!

Surfing is what gives you the kaleidoscopic view of life. But has this enthralling sport something good to offer for your health too? Those dips and dodges you give to the waves — are those beneficial too? Does surfing by any chance give way to a healthy lifestyle? The answer to all these is a big “yes”!

Various Health Benefits of Surfing

As compared to the incredible benefits and the superior enjoyment you feel while surfing, it is quite an affordable sport. You don’t have to pay much, and still you get all those amazing benefits of surfing. You just need to buy a new or a used surfboard or go for Surfboard Hire in Croyde from Board Barn. They have different types of excellent quality and shaped surfboards for hire and for sale to provide you an exceptional experience of surfing. Now let’s read about its various health benefits below:

  • Prevents Cardiovascular and Heart Diseases — Paddling on the waves is not at all easy. It demands a huge amount of physical fitness too. Continuous paddling leads to the cardiovascular muscle pump really hard, and you are constantly also using the muscles of your shoulders and arms. This is surely a good workout! A regular habit of surfing lowers your blood pressure & gives a good effect to your heart rate. This ultimately leads to a decrease in your chances of heart attacks and stroke — which obviously keeps you fit and healthy! Surfing, thus, provides you a healthy dose of cardio.
  • Shoulder and Back Strength — Various functional movements carried out during surfing on the waves are really good for the shoulders and the back. Even the supine position taken during the various bends of balancing while surfing is great for the back. This if carried out regularly, leads to stronger shoulder muscles and greater flexibility and back strength.
  • Leg and Core Health — During surfing, the legs are working a lot too. It is on that firm hold of your legs that you balance yourself while surfing. Also, with the constant up and down, bent and stand movement, your leg gets a lot of exercise. This means you need not hit the gym for the leg exercise. You can easily increase your leg and core health while surfing.
  • Body Toning— Your physique becomes trimmer and more fit with the help of constant surf training. It is basically a resistance exercise, because you balance your own body weight as a precaution to stay standing. Paddling strength is really huge. You can’t get the same done in the gym or home exercise. This leads to toning your entire body.
  • Vitamin D — Vitamin D is extremely vital for a healthy body. You get this essential vitamin from sunlight only. While you surf through the waves in the day time, you get a healthy dose of this. This helps in the prevention of health issues that occur in your body due to lack of vitamin D. Some of these are, low energy, fatigue, extreme knee pain, dizziness, etc.
  • Stress Relief — Surfing can help you fight stress too! You can actually give vent to your build up rage or frustration through some large and heavy glides in the sea. As you fight the wave, you do give out the build-up stress. Also, when surfing on a calm river, it helps you to feel soothed, and thus, you can kill stress better.
  • Better Sleep and Treats Insomnia — Insomnia is a common issue amongst most of the people nowadays. The lack of sleep can be due to some hormonal changes in your body which makes it a physiological issue. And if it is caused by extreme stress and overthinking, it is a psychological problem. With surfing, as your body gets tired with the workout, you fall asleep easily, and this solves its physiological problem. While de-stressing through this sport and relaxation of the mind relieves its psychological issue, resulting in a deep sleep.

Surfing is a beneficial sport at many levels! Therefore, it surely deserves to be in the list of your favourite sports or your wish-list of what to learn next! 

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