People do vape and opt for smoking e-cigarettes for various reasons. You can vape as a hobby, as an alternative for cigarette smoking, or in an attempt to quit smoking, or even due to peer pressure. Whatsoever the reason, vaping is growing and just how! Almost all are adopting vaping as a regular habit. From teenagers to adults, all are indulging in the vaping experience on a large scale.

But everything that isn’t done accurately hits negatively. It may be any other habit, or even vaping. If you don’t follow the thumb rules of vaping and the precautions given out on the cartons, you are bound to get affected negatively, and vaping is nowhere to be blamed in this case. Also, there may be some cautious steps that won’t be specified by the manufacturer, but tends to harm your health or others health. Be an aware consumer.

Some Major Mistakes of Vaping That Can Harm Your Health!

Vaping is a relaxing process. You chill out due to vaping and unwind yourself in the process. But never let that smoke blur away your well being. Let’s read about the faults in vaping that can be harmful:

  • Buying a Faulty or Cheap Vape — Vapes are available in numerous qualities by hundreds of brands. Some may be the prominent ones, while some would have just started selling the same. There are also brands that manufacture a second copy of an original branded vapes, and sell those at cheaper rates. Never go out to buy these kinds of vapes that may be faulty, defective or do not have a good reputation in the market. These may be made of harmful substances, which can be detrimental for your health when you inhale the liquid from it. Be sure to buy your devices from a trusted physical store or an Online Vape Shop in UK. Lontech shop is one such trusted and reliable shop that tends to all your vaping needs and sells the best quality products. They even guide you in choosing the best vapes that are most suitable for you.
  • Too Much Heating of the Coil — A coil that is heated above the optimum temperature is bound to be harmful for your health. Apart from the sudden cough attack, it can also lead to heart-burn later. This overheated coil can also spoil the taste and feel of the vapour. Therefore, always start with a minimum temperature, rising gradually upwards. Or try asking an expert for the best temperature of your vape, and then set it to the same.
  • Dry Hitting — Another serious issue about vapers! You tend to dry hit often enough without even knowing it can harm you! Dry hitting while vaping leads to burning sensation in the throat which can be long lasting too. It mostly happens when you accidentally start puffing immediately as you start the vape button. Or if you don’t put in the e-juice and then vape or incase your e-liquid has finished and you are still vaping.
  • Opting for High Nicotine e-juices — E-juices are a source of pleasure for you while you vape. But they also contain nicotine to some extent. There is a certain quantity in which this is available in the e-juices. If you choose the one with a high level of nicotine, you are giving way to an addiction that can be really difficult to overcome later. It’s always advisable to prefer the no-nicotine e-juices if you are a beginner or a non smoker. But if you are trying to overcome smoking, go for the one with lesser nicotine and gradually give up this too.
  • Smoking too much or more Often — If you are getting too addicted to the vapes and vaping too often, it’s time to stop! Nothing over the limit is good. Keep your vaping times between a regular and longer time span. Don’t smoke too much or too fast during the vaping time as this can harm you a lot too. Keep a certain minutes of gap before you puff the second time.
  • Smoking on Someone’s Face— The smoke coming out from vaping can be hazardous too. If you are vaping, it’s recommended to do the same in an open environment as the smoke vanishes in the air rapidly. But smoking on someone’s face or direction can be harmful to them. They can be allergic to smoke or the ingredients of your e-juice and this can create some allergic reactions in them. It’s better to avoid crowds when you are vaping.

These are the most common mistakes that you carry out during vaping. There are more like — not cleaning the tanks, not changing the coils more often, choosing an e-juice that is more acidic and so on. The basic mantra to stay healthy and safe as you vape is to always follow the guidelines given on the pack or from a trusted internet site and then vape accordingly. 

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