Motherhood is a significant aspect of every woman’s life. Giving birth to a child is a beautiful experience as it makes a lady feel complete. However, this wonderful event is also associated with many difficulties like postpartum depression. Somewhat similar to the mental restlessness faced during the first trimester of pregnancy, this type of depression generally occurs during the first few weeks after the childbirth. Hit by such depression, a new mother feels agitated and sad as she finds it difficult to deal with the changes in her life. But the good news is that postpartum depression can be prevented and cured with adequate treatment and moral support of one’s spouse and family.


There are several mental and social reasons that cause depression among new moms. While they face difficulties in balancing their personal and professional lives, they also feel worried about losing their sex appeal and physical beauty. Moreover, a woman may feel neglected or worthless. She also may worry about fulfilling the financial requirements of the baby. Heredity reasons, hormonal changes, lack of sleep and a premature baby can also cause an emotional disturbance in women, which may lead to severe depression.


No matter what is the reason for postpartum depression, it must be treated well in time. Although one’s family’s support is a must for curing this mental disorder, but some women may have to face it all alone. Thankfully, there are a number of treatments available and one can easily come out
of this state with adequate medical consultation.

If you are suffering from a postpartum depression, you may go for a psychotherapy treatment as it does not require any medication. Then there are some safe homeopathy treatments that can be followed after consulting a physician. Marriage counseling or personal counseling can also help some patients by resolving their mental dilemmas and encouraging a positive attitude towards life. If nothing works, you may go for the antidepressants if your doctor finds them safe enough to be taken during the lactation

The best way to avoid postpartum depression is to mentally prepare yourself for the upcoming changes in your life. Remember that your baby is your responsibility and you need to be in a good mental and physical shape to be able to take care of the little one.

So treat your mental anxieties in time and be a happy mother!

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