Imagine yourself in a subway station where everyone waits for the next train to arrive. You are happy to go home and kiss your spouse and children. But as you wait patiently, there is this feeling that you cannot explain. You began to sweat with your hands shaking and filled with tremors. You know full well that others now look at you and began to wonder. What would you do? What do you take? Perhaps one way or two you’ve experienced this kind of situation before in your life.

It might not be in a subway station but it can happen anywhere. It may be in your office cubicle, road and even your home. As such, implying that situation where you are, such an attack can happen. It is a symptom of what we normally call as anxiety attacks or panic attack. In fact, it’s something we cannot predict and worst case scenario it’s something we cannot stop. However, there is natural relief of anxiety that you can always implement and much more take into account whenever an attack is about to happen which is safe for your health without side effects.

Tip 1: Breathe. The simplest and most effective way to combat anxiety attacks and panic attack would be breathing exercises. As such, focus your breathing and slowly become aware of yourself. Take a little time to breathe in and exhale. You can even choose to close your eyes so the process would be made easier and you in turn will become uptight.

Tip 2: Think positively. One other way to combat anxiety and such attacks from occurring would be to think of happy moments and incidents in your life that is positive and happy. To make this easy, it would be preferable, even if the attack does not strike yet to pick a moment in your life that when every time you look back at it, you will flash that smile and that positive aura. Think about it again and again. Familiarize yourself with it. Thus, when the attack takes place you can easily remember your positive moment.

Tip 3: Muscle relaxation. Since when a panic attack happens, your muscles are also tense in this kind of situation. Therefore, it would be advisable that you get to massage your muscles in your shoulders, especially when it happens. A slow and careful massage of your shoulders toward the back of your neck can greatly contribute to easing tensions of it. These are just three tips which are equally effective natural relief of anxiety that you can properly implement and enforce. As such, simply by these actions, it can greatly ease the panic and let you return to your normal state once again. Therefore, do not be afraid to try one or two every time a panic attack may come.

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