June 22, 2021

Motivation To Lose Belly Fat

How do I stay motivated all year long? I’ll tell you… For that 1 week, that 1 day when it is so hot that you need to take your top off, you can bask in the knowledge that you will be the only one with no belly fat. Imaging having strangers admire your toned stomach from across the street. Imagine hot guys flirting with you…Or if you’re a guy, imagine getting laid with lots of sexy girls! Think of that everyday. Every time you pick up a chocolate biscuit, I want you to shout “I LOVE HAVING A FAT BELLY!”.. Saying that every time will make you realise that all it takes to lose belly fat is cutting out the snacks. You would be amazed how much belly fat you would lose if you just cut your cravings. Stop it!

What’s the point in that stupid chocolate biscuit? Or that packet of chips? Seriously, what’s the point? Cause it’s tastes good for that 2 minutes of your life? Get a grip dude. Put it down and think about how awesome life will be when you have that toned stomach you’ve always wanted! To lose belly fat, cut down on calories. You’ve heard of that guy who lose 60lbs on the Twinkie diet right? It’s all about watching how many calories you eat, not what you eat. Find out how much you weigh, and times that by 10. Eat that amount of calories everyday, it could be Twinkies, Chips, whatever, as long as you didn’t eat over 10 x your bodyweight(in lbs). Saying that, I’d prefer it if you chose a better diet, ones with protein and little carbs, but it truly doesn’t matter.

Go on, look at your belly fat just now. Jiggle it around and think of how other people will see you with your top off. Kinda makes you want to go out a run or something doesn’t it? Well, remember, losing belly fat takes time. Results wont happen over night, so you have to keep at it. This site is set up as a helpful resource to help you lose belly fat. If you need any help, ask a question here and I will give you a personal diet+exercise program. All you need to do it put in a little bit of hard work and most importantly; dedication. You will be one of the 2% of the population with no belly fat and a toned stomach. Imagine what that could do for our confidence. Since losing my belly fat a few years ago, this has become my business. It’s my job to get you a flat belly.