There are two kinds of occupations in occupations that do nursing at medical facilities and so on. I am a nurse and an associate nurse. The same “nurse” is attached, but it is a profession of different qualifications.

Nurse qualification is a national qualification but in the case of an associate nurse it is not a nation but a prefectural governor qualification. The prefectural governor qualification is the form of being able to receive qualifications from the prefectural governor who received the exam by clearing the governor exam conducted in each municipality.

Of course not only for nurses, but also for aiming to be an associate nurse, we need to do specialized education and practice at a designated school. Only those who graduate from a designated school or who have qualification for graduation can receive an associate nurse exam.

If you are a quasi-nurse you need to train for 2 to 3 years, for a nurse 3 to 5 years it will be necessary, but depending on the method chosen the time will change.

If you go to a senior high school with a nursing and sanitation section after graduating from junior high school, you can get the entrance examination for post-recycling examination by receiving 3 years of education and specialized in becoming a qualified nurse after graduating from high school If you go to school, you will have qualification as a quasi-nurse after 2 years of education.

Depending on the route selected in this manner, the age at which you can become a quasi – nurse and the number of years it takes vary, so aim for your quasi – nurse while considering when you would like to start working as a qualified nurse.

Some people step up from a quasi-nurse to a nurse. A quasi-nurse who has more than 3 years of practical experience can obtain the exam qualification for entrance to a nurse training school and if he is a quasi nurse who has work experience for 10 years or more, a nurse It also became possible to learn training education by correspondence education.

Nurses practice medical nursing based on instructions received from doctors and sometimes face medical practice with the idea of the nurse himself. If you are a nurse or an associate nurse, we will promote medical care and nursing practices according to instructions received from doctors and nurses.

There is no particular difference between the actual nursing professionals and the nursing care workers in particular, but there are many cases where differences arise from nursing professionals nationals who are not qualified nationals and nonstandard nurses .

If you aim to become a nurse president etc. in the future, if you are a quasi-nurse, you need to aim for a nurse first. It is also a person who searches for a workplace with no difference in treatment, even if you are trying to work hard as a quasi-nurse. Try to find a workplace closer to your own hope by utilizing career change websites specialized for quasi-nurses.


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