Marijuana – the wonder drug

The use of marijuana, now called by many a ‘wonder drug’ has been gaining popularity for some time now. Many countries have finally legalised its usage for recreational as well as medical purposes. Many doctors in such countries, often prescribe marijuana as an effective treatment for relief from anxiety, pain that follows headaches, cancer, and long term conditions like glaucoma or nerve pain among other ailments. 

Traditionally, marijuana has been smoked or eaten (used in foods like cookies or candies after it has been decarboxylated). A new method called ‘vaping’ is claimed by some to be a better alternative to either of the two conventional methods. 

Vaping vs Smoking – what’s better?

  • Vaporizing provides a more intense high compared to smoking the flower of the same dose, research shows.
  • The effect of marijuana on the lungs is what concerns most of the experts. It is well known among regular smokers that smoke tends to be a bit harsher than a hit from a vaporizer. Inhaling any kind of smoke is harmful to the lungs (smoke contains unburnt particles that make up the tar in a smoker’s lungs, in addition to carcinogens). On the other hand, the process of vaporization is entirely different, where the bud is heated without being burnt. This releases the active ingredients into a vapour which is then inhaled. Vaping is, therefore, safer and less harmful than smoking. 
  • Although the economics of smoking and vaping may seem similar, many people find vaping to be more affordable for many reasons. It is easier to control a vape than it is to control the flame of a lighter, making it possible to dose yourself the way you prefer. Additionally, since vapors are more potent than smoke, you’ll need a lesser amount of flower to get the appropriate amount of high. 
  • Vaping is discreet in that it doesn’t leave behind any smell! Therefore vaping can be enjoyed anytime and almost anywhere.

Instead of heating marijuana flowers for inhalation of the vapour, also called dry herb vaping because of the fact that dry herb is used for the process, vaping can also be done by using cannabis oil cartridges, which make the process much simpler. 

While it is common knowledge amongst experts that smoking buds with contaminates on it (spores, mildew, and pathogens) can be harmful to the smokers, especially ones with lowered immune systems, with vaporizers that work with cartridges, this cannot happen. The reason being that vape cartridges are made from an intense extraction process that leaves only pure cannabis oil behind. 

It is important you buy your vaporizers and cartridges from a licensed dealer and trusted reputable brands since you never know what kind of toxins you may be inhaling. Visit Cannabis Vape Liquid UK to get the best deals!

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