The beginning helps to hasten the process. You don’t want to attend that important meeting you are you are planning to attend with a black eye!

A black eye is usually formed due to pooling of the blood around the wounded area and since the skin is too thin the blood accumulated in that area makes the skin appear purplish.

The most popular methods to treat a black eye is using ice. But you need to first check how serious the damage is. If you feel the bone in the wounded region might be broken or if the blood vessels in the surrounding region has broke open then the situation calls for an expert. Take the person immediately to the hospital and get the wound fixed.

This goes for broken arteries inside the eyes too. This especially calls for an emergency and if not treated immediately, the blood might get pooled inside the head, leading to hemorrhage. If the eyes are bleeding, DO NOT apply any sort to pressure on it or try to stop the bleeding on your own.

But if it’s a minor case of black eye without any bleeding, then you can easily treat it by cooling the region with ice. Fill a piece of cloth with ice and compress the wounded area for 15-20 or until the inflammation and pain subsides.

It is a very common myth that placing a meat, especially steak on black eye cures it. Remember that this does not help in any way and instead causes infections due to the microbes being passed on from the meat to the wounded area.

A faster way is to try taking a lot of vitamin K which accelerates healing of the tissues.  And for a pain reliever, take a paracetamol instead of aspirin since aspirin has certain components that prevent the clotting of blood. This leads to further bleeding in case there IS a bleeding.

Parsley an anti-inflammatory agent can also be used to hasten the process of healing. Crush the parsley and mix it with crushed ice. Then pour this into the ice maker and place it in the freezer. After it turns it into ice cubes, you can use them the same way as the usual ice cubes.

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