If you are a heavy smoker, then perhaps it is high time that you opted for safer alternatives such as vaping. E-cigarettes are indeed considered to be safer than tobacco smoking and while no studies have been conducted yet to affirm the same, the fact remains that e-cigarettes are tobacco-free. They primarily consist of the main device which also contains the atomizer or the tank, which holds the cartridges containing the e-liquid. The device comes with a battery which you use to light up the e-cigarette and as you light it up, you inhale on it and a sensor contained in the device immediately heats up the e-liquid and converts it into a vapor. This vapor is what you would be inhaling and exhaling and this, in turn, should make you feel like you are smoking a real cigarette without any of the harmful toxins. To know more, do read on.

  • Safer: e-cigarettes are a lot safer, compared to traditional tobacco smoking, cigarette smoking since those can leave you exposed to anywhere from 4000 to 7000 toxins, with most of the toxins being carcinogenic. The fact is that e-cigarettes do not contain even a gram of tobacco and the nicotine is delivered in the form of vapor, which is designed to mimic the actions of real smoking but sans the toxins. What’s more, thanks to the various advances you can now use various flavored e-liquids, from cinnamon to menthol and get to enjoy your vaping all the more. You may want to search online for skunk flavored e liquid in UK as that should enable you to check out the various flavors that are currently available.
  • Friendly to the environment: One of the downsides to cigarettes is that they usually used to stink up the room, thanks to the various toxins they came with. These toxins were released into the immediate environment thanks to the tobacco, but the good news is that with vaping, you need not worry about the same. As e-cigarettes do not contain any tobacco, and the only smell that the device comes with is on account of the flavor contained in the e-liquid, you need not worry about stinking up the room or the immediate environment. You may want to Google Cannavape in UK or head over to a few other brands and check out the various models that are currently available. This should give you a better idea of how the device looks and how it operates.
  • Healthy: One of the great things about vaping or e-cigarettes is that you can use it to smoke cannabis in the form of CBD oil. If you happen to suffer from chronic pain and your doctor has prescribed Cannabis to help you manage the pain, then you can opt to take the same in the form of smoking CBD oil (containing Cannabis). All you would have to do is to purchase CBD oil and get your cartridges filled with the same. After which, you should be able to insert the cartridge back into your device and smoke the same to help alleviate your constant chronic pain. So in a sense, e-cigarettes can help you combat several health conditions, from Alzheimer’s to severe debilitating chronic pain.
  • Cost: When you work out the cost, and even though the initial purchase rate for an e-cigarette may be a little steep, the fact remains that e-liquid cartridges are cheap and what’s more, they come in various flavors.  And when you take all that into account and work out the cost over a specific period, you would find that vaping is a lot cheaper than cigarettes.

Vaping is one of the most effective ways of getting high without having to endanger your body in any way. And what’s more, you would not be exposing yourself or others around you to several toxins which could help cause cancer.

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