How Parents Are The Best Fitness Role Models For Kids

Obesity is spreading like wild fire. There is nothing funny about the spreading plagues which are affecting men, women and children. Rather there is an urgent need to combat such a situation. Other than the adults which are obese now children are also falling in this category. Out of every 5 child there is one obese child says the researchers. The sheer blame has to go on the parents as it is due to their callous nature that children end up facing obesity. However if parents become a role model to their children that they can help their kids face the war and fight it bravely. There are some tips which will helpĀ parents become a fitness role modelĀ to their children.

Look at the mirror

It happens in most cases that 80 percent of the obese children have overweight parents. Genetics might be a reason but obesity cannot be totally due to genetics. If you want your child to become fit and fight obesity you first need to fight it yourself. You first need to cut down on your bad habits and also encourage your children to do cut down on theirs. Directly and indirectly influence them to lead an active life style.

Teach your kids to tell them when they are hungry

It is important to make kids understand at the very small age the sensation of hunger. Those parents who are successful can stop their children from mindless eating which is the real cause for obesity.

Take small steps to exercises

Motivate your child to exercise. Start small. Go for the staircase rather than the escalator; park a block away from the location you have to reach. Walk rather than taking a car or a bus. Ask your children to help you with the household courses. Do it yourself and motive your kids to do it too.

Prevent sitting back

Do not sit back neither allow your children to sit back. Restrict the time of television, computer and video games. Ask your child to go up to the terrace to play or ask you children to spend the evening in the park rather than sitting back on the couch.

Help your children to reach out to the right food

Prevent your children to catch up on the high calorie and high fat food rather help them chose the high value food. Education your child as to what is healthy and what is unhealthy.

Be careful what kind of food is in store at your house

Keep away all junk food like French fries, sodas and chips. Instead keep apples, non fat yogurts and carrot sticks at home and in the car.

Eat together

Make a fixed dinner time so that you can eat together. In this way you are able to handle better and keep a look as what your child is eating more and less.


In order to be a role model to your kids you yourself have to keep healthy and stay fit so that kids are able to learn from you and inculcate in them habit which you want them to hold tight.

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