I’ve learned that the only thing more embarrassing than not bringing gifts is bringing gifts. I once went to a celebration where I thought that we were supposed to bring gifts. It wasn’t a birthday or anything, but I thought that it was a gifting occasion. It turned out that I was the only one who did, and I showed up with a bag full of presents to a room full of people who weren’t expecting them. What was the gift? Well the videos of family porn strokes. I guess everyone was appreciative anyway, but it still led to an awkward scene where I pretended to be generous instead of misinformed.

It was a fake cop’s birthday party and his colleagues had not made any plans. Some of the offenders in prison for minor offenses offered to provide entertainment as their get-out-of-jail free card. They put together a nice show as if their lives depended on it. They had to sing, dance or showcase other talents in order to get out of jail. That evening was entertaining because everyone was trying their best to be free.

Even though he doesn’t like visiting people at night especially when they are dead asleep, this time round, he was forced to do so. The Caucasian woman who happens to be his neighbor screamed so loud the man had to rush and see what was happening @! On arrival, he found the woman as naked as she was born. She then stopped screaming and held herself tightly to the Afro-American man’ chest. He quickly discovered that it was a strategy to attract his attention. He delivered his job satisfactorily.

Some kind of tubes punish is needed when a girl you meet is not behaving properly.

You need to understand the idea of fake taxi and fake females. These girls are having only one thing in their minds at the moment. To make it even with male taxi driver!

Sibling sister loving – you need to understand how cool it is to play with your close ones.

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