A few weeks ago, I was feeling really down in the dumps, proper miserable and I don’t even know why. Everything felt like an effort and I just had no motivation to do anything. I think PMT probably played a huge part in that (hormones from hell I like to call it) but still, I was just, BLAH.I realised that when I felt crappy, I ate crappy food which then made me feel worse, and so on. So, once the mood lifted a little, I decided I would try and change some things to help myself feel better. One of them, for me, is my weight. Not in a “I must be a size 0″ type way, because, I don’t think my skeleton could be a size 0, but when I feel better about myself, life is generally better. Ya know, girlie shit.

I’ve tried so many different diet plans, but I’ve realised (there has been a lot of realisation lately!) that I tend to mix the best bits of each diet, so essentially, I end up eating all the avocados, dark chocolate and diet coke. Which, obviously doesn’t give the desired result. What has worked for me in the past is Slimming World. After years of trying to fall pregnant, failed IVF’s and heartbreak, a few months on Slimming World saw me dropping a stone or so, and I fell pregnant. After I gave birth, and had a good 4 stone to lose, I went back to class and got right down to my ideal weight, within months. Then I stopped going. Shake yourself you silly girl.

So anyway. 7 years later, I know what works, I know I don’t have the type of body that can eat whatever they want, I have to work at it. I feel like I’m in that place again now, my willpower is back, and I’m determined to finally shift the weight. Again.My first week has gone VERY well. I don’t feel like I’ve missed out on anything, we’ve had good meals – I’ve enjoyed the cooking as much as the eating – and I lost 5lb. I was quite strict with myself, sticking to all the free food and making sure my syns were within the limit.

This week, I’m feeling even more motivated, because I want to carry it on. And I’d quite like that half a stone certificate next week. Just call me shallow. I’ve stocked the fridge and cupboard full of the good stuff, the teenager actually commented that our trolley was 2/3 green – which can’t be a bad thing. Hopefully, the change in diet, some weight loss and generally healthier living will help stabilise these stinking hormones, clear my skin up and it might even tackle the polycystic ovaries while it’s at it. You never know.

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