When you cannot move your hand in the upward or downward direction or bend it so that it touches your other shoulder, this means you have a frozen shoulder. In this illness a person’s shoulder pains continuously, he/she cannot move their hands, stiffness in the shoulder is experienced. The biggest question is why do people have frozen shoulder? There could be many reasons for this. The chances of a person getting frozen shoulder are more in people having diabetes or cervical spondilitis. A sudden jerk to the shoulder or something hits the shoulder hard, may be the reason for getting a frozen shoulder.

Most of the times the age group of 40 to 60 is the one most affected by this illness. Women are the ones who are most affected. A frozen shoulder occurs mostly on the right hand. The hand freezes in three steps. The entire process takes 1 year to complete. A lot of people complain that their shoulder is not moving properly and there is immense pain which keeps on increasing. In the first stage the hand pains only while working but afterwards it pains even while sleeping. Sometimes people are unable to sleep at night due to the pain. After three to four months this pain subsides however the movement of the shoulder slowly decreases. The patient does not give attention to the shoulder and this is when the freezing process starts. If the patient pays attention to the pain in the early stages then he/she may stop the shoulder from freezing. To cure a completely frozen shoulder takes a lot of time.

Physiotherapy is the most tried and tested technique and cures the illness completely. A person who experiences such extreme pain should contact a doctor immediately and start with the treatment. Sometimes a doctor might suggest taking an X-ray of the affected shoulder. There might be chances of a fracture. Medicines are not enough to cure the shoulder, physiotherapy has to be done and the doctor will teach the patient what type of exercises are to be done. Another therapy used for curing a frozen shoulder is called Short Wave Diathermy. This procedure helps to relieve the tensed nerves in the shoulder hence making the recovery process faster. The blood circulation increases in the veins.

Ultrasound therapy is also used. The ultrasound waves help to lessen the stiffness in the shoulder and hand. With the help of a ladder or a pulley certain exercises are taught and they help in curing the shoulder. Experts in this field should be contacted and they will help to recover fast with less pai

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