Eye disorders or infections are numerous and can be generally classified as chronic or seasonal. The chronic disorders of the eye start at an early age and if not treated properly may cause eyesight loss.

Swollen eyes are very common ailment and are suffered by almost everyone at one instant or another in life. The symptoms of the infection are the swelling of the eyes with the eyelids becoming itchy and swollen. The eyes become sensitive to the light. The dark and cold are soothing to the eyes in such a scenario.

Some common home remedies which can be used to reduce the ailment include the use of margosa leaves. Boil the margosa leaves in water, dip cotton wool in the water and apply on the eyes. Repeat the process twice a day for improvement. In case the situation does not improve, cool the water and then foment with this water.

Most of the time constipation is the underlying cause of swelling of the eyes. The constipation can be relieved by taking lime juice in warm water regularly. When the swelling is due to constipation, avoid rice, spicy foods and curd.

When the eye disorders are chronic in nature, yoga can be a great asset. Sinhasan and Sarvangasana are helpful. Sinhasan can be performed by sitting on the knees, keeping the hands on the knees with the straight arms. Bend slightly forward from the waist with the backbone straight. Exhale completely and pull the stomach in. Open the mouth as much as feasible then stick out the tongue while opening the eyes to the maximum and look straight. Perform this asana on an empty stomach in the morning.

Sarvangasana can be performed by lying on a mat and allow the body to relax for a few moments. Placing your palms on the floor, tighten your abdominal and leg muscles raise your legs. Make sure to keep the knees straight. Swing the legs back over your head. Once the hips are raised off the floor, brace your back with the help of your hands. Slowly straighten the legs to an upright position and stay in this pose for as long as possible. Keep the legs relaxed and eyes closed. Bring your knees towards the forehead and roll your legs towards the floor. Once the hips touch the floor, slowly lower your legs and relax for a minute.

To ensure healthy eyes, give your eyes an eye bath. This can be done by opening your eyes under water. This can be performed by taking water in a bucket or any other wide mouthed container. Fill it with lukewarm water and put your face in it. Blink your eyes under the water while rolling your eyeballs.

Honey can also be used to cure many eye disorders. Applying honey to the eyes will make your eyesight become stronger. Initial use of honey can be discomforting to the eyes, but the regular usage of eyes is highly beneficial.

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