If you are reading this page, it means you are in a state of hyper emotional state or know someone who’s being hyper sensitive while driving. This range of emotions can be extremely dangerous for the person behind the steering and the ones accompanying him (not to mention those in the vicinity). Controlling the emotional roller coaster is what you should do first. And if this doesn’t happen, you can try various other tactics to make the driver feel emotionally stable.

Driving is a complex activity requiring all your concentration and attention. It is essential for the driver to stay calm and in a controlled position while driving to ensure hundred percent road safeties. Any kind of heightened emotion or overwhelming reaction can cause a diversion of attention which can be extremely harmful both for the driver and the car. There have been hundreds of research that showed how strong emotions have been a cause of reckless driving and accidents amongst many drivers.

Easy and effective tips to reduce stress during driving!

Almost all drivers are exposed to stress while driving. And if not, the constant traffic, the sound of horn, issues with other drivers, etc. are enough to make them stressed. That is why when you take driving lessons in Coventry from Just Pass Driving Academy, their experienced teachers advise you not to let those emotions take over while you are driving. But, if it happens, you can easily control your stress level by following the steps below:

Breathe in- breathe out — The best way to reduce stress on the go is following the magical routine of breathing in and breathing out for few minutes. Just inhale deeply and exhale in the same manner for at least ten times until you feel calm. You can continue driving the car during this exercise, but better still stop driving for a while. Park in a corner to brush away those disturbing thoughts and then move again.

Re-adjust your position — Remember the unintentional act of changing position when you aren’t comfortable of a certain topic or thing? This actually helps you to get rid of those disturbing thoughts too. Simply adjust your position in a more comfortable manner and you would feel the tension easing away too. You may have even tightened your hold on the steering wheel because of extreme stress, loosen that hold and take a deep breath again. Adjust the car seat to create some more leg space for you and ease down in a comfortable manner (but in a way that wouldn’t affect your driving). You’ll actually feel the stress leaving its hold.

Turn on your favourite music — Music can be called the biggest stress buster. When you feel those disturbing thoughts revolving in your mind, or you are too tense to concentrate properly on the road ahead, switch on the music system. Some calm music to soothe your senses or latest hip-hop songs to brighten your mood will help you kill stress better and enjoy your driving.

Give yourself some time — If you think you are too disturbed to drive properly, better delay your journey for some time. During this phase, you can control your emotions and bring your thoughts back to normal. It’s better to get delayed for a few minutes than not to reach your destination at all because of the dangerous driving tendencies when under stress.

Maintain the spaceIf you know you are driving under pressure or you aren’t actually happy about being behind the steering, better maintain a good space from other cars. You never know when frustration may take over and you can ignore the nearing vehicle and bang it. Also, there are fluctuations in concentration when driving in stress, therefore it’s better to keep your safety gap in order to avoid any kind of accidents because of it.

Avoid or prefer talking to co-passenger — You know yourself better and obviously you even desire your safety the most! So, if you feel by talking to your companion, you can feel the tension easing away — talk your heart out while driving. But remember, don’t get lost in conversation while driving, as it can affect your speed, and mishaps can happen because of it. And if you feel you’ll lose control by talking and may crash, better avoid talking at all during your driving. But never let your frustration get the better of you because of your silence and start driving recklessly.

Pull the car to a side — And finally when nothing of the above works, pull your car to a side and wait for a while! You can drink water or have something sweet or vape during this time — and when you think you are under control, start driving as usual!

Negative emotions are the most common cause of stress while driving which ultimately lead to many unfortunate accidents. Ensure to keep yourself stress free while driving and not let your emotions harm you in any way!

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