Coronary heart disease broadly refers to the spectrum of clinical syndromes which are caused due to failure of the coronary arteries in the supply of sufficient blood to the heart. This would include angina pectoris, heart attack and sudden death without infarction.

Heart disease can be detected by a shortness of breath caused due to deprivation of the blood of oxygen. Another very common symptom is in the form of a chest pain. Other symptoms include fainting, emotional instability, cold hands and feet, fatigue and frequent perspiration and palpitations.

Fresh fruits can be used to treat heart disease, since these help in toning of the heart. Grapes are a great fruit in this regard and have been found to be especially useful in alleviating the heart pain and palpitations. If the patient adopts a grape diet for a few days, it goes a long way in controlling the heart diseases. In case of a heart attack, grape juice works very efficiently.

A patient suffering from a weak heart should include apple in the diet. This would help in strengthening the heart. Both apple and apple jam can be included.

Indian gooseberry is also useful in heart conditions. It helps in toning the functions of the all the organs in the body. It also helps in restoring the energy in the body and destroys the heterogeneous elements in the body. It can be taken either in the fresh form or dried form depending upon the availability according to the season.

Onions help in normalizing the blood cholesterol percentage by oxidizing the excess cholesterol in the blood stream. Give the patient one teaspoon of raw juice of onions on an empty stomach in the morning for best results.

Honey has some excellent properties for preventing heart diseases. It helps in toning the heart and also aids in improving the circulation. It also reduces the cardiac pain and the heart palpitations. Taking one tablespoon of honey every day after the meals is highly beneficial.

Asparagus is another food that can be used to relieve heart conditions. Mix freshly extracted juice of asparagus with honey in a 2:1 ratio, and give the patient in doses of 1 teaspoon thrice a day. Steam cooked asparagus is also beneficial.

Safflower oil is also great for heart diseases.

Patients with a heart condition can benefit greatly from the ingestion of foods rich in Vitamin E. Vitamin E helps in improving the functioning of heart by improving the oxygenation process of the cells. It also aids the circulation and muscle strength buildup. Foods such as green vegetables, outer leaves of cabbage and whole meal foods are good sources of Vitamin E.

Vitamin C also plays a crucial role in helping alleviate heart conditions. It protects against spontaneous breaching of capillary walls. It also guards against high blood cholesterol levels. Citrus fruits are a rich and excellent source for Vitamin C.

It is preferable to go on a lacto-vegetarian, low sodium diet for heart patients. The diet should be rich in organic foods, fruits, nuts and vegetables. Avoid tea, coffee, canned foods, chocolates, etc.

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