Chromotherapy or color therapy uses color for treatment of ailments.  This alternate healing technique is quite old, evidence of which can be found in ancient texts of India, China and Egypt.

Color therapy can be applied to anybody from a baby to an adult. This therapy can be used for any physical or mental problem. It is also used as relaxation therapy. All you need to start the therapy is a professional color therapist to prescribe the particular color you need. When we start to dislike a color, the color therapist can understand which particular area of our body is not working well. Similarly our inclination towards a particular color says many things about our physical and emotional state.

Color therapists interpretation of colors are –

Red – this color is associated with heat, energy, blood, and all emotions (anger, passion, love). It is also a color of courage and strength.

Orange – orange is a color of vitality and cheerfulness. It is used to increase immunity, sexual potency, to improve the digestive system and in chest and kidney diseases. It is useful in muscle spasm and cramp. It stimulates milk producing at the time of breast feeding. It stimulates pulse rate without affecting the blood pressure.

Yellow – yellow is the color of intelligence and intellect. Yellow color strengthens the nerves. It stimulates and cleanses liver, intestine and skin. It purifies the blood stream and inactivates lymphatic system.

Green – it is a color of hope. Inclination on green color proves that you are a lover of environment. If you feel tired stare on some green object for some time. It will help you to revive from dull and monotonous life. Staring at green foliage in the early morning also improves your visual power naturally.

Blue – blue is the color serenity, harmony and truth, it soothes our mind, cools and calms down our emotions. It also helps to reconstruct our mind. In high fever blue works well to bring down the temperature. On the overall blue has a cool feeling. Research shows that blue increase confidence level and boos up joyfulness.

Purple – this color is well applied in emotional problem, epilepsy, rheumatism and other pain related disease. The color has power to reduce pain.

White – it is the color of purity and perfection. It works as stabilizer of energy. So it is beneficial to begin and end a color therapy session with white.

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