If you are looking for a health care plane that will provide you with essential cover in case of illness or hospitalization, look no further than the On Plan Health Insurance Core plan. As a new provider in the South African health care industry One Plan Health Insurance is looking to break down the perception that health care is only available to the rich and elite, when in fact it is the average person that needs it most.

With the affordable Core plan you will be able to cover yourself and your family for all of your basic health care and hospital needs and with their OneLifestyle Online Mall you will also be privy to fantastic deals and amazing discounts on over 300 trusted brands. This means that you will definitely get more bang for your buck with the One Plan Health Insurance Core plan.

Take a look at the amazing benefits that you will receive with the One Plan Health Insurance Core Plan.

What You Get Out

For only R 235 per month for a primary member, and R450 for a couple, or R 597 for a couple with one child you will receive amazing and affordable cover that will make sure that you can sleep assured knowing that you and your family have the best possible health care at an affordable price.
With the Core Plan from One Plan Health Insurance you will receive your Onecard where funds will be paid into when you visit the doctor or buy prescription medication. These funds can them be withdrawn to pay for your medical needs.

A primary member will receive a maximum overall cover of up to R 5 250 on their Onecard per year. This means that everything from doctor’s visits, radiology, pathology, scripted medication and all of your needs during pregnancy will be covered.

Under the One Plan Health Insurance Core Plan you will also be covered in the event of hospitalization due to accidents or emergency illnesses.

You will also be covered in case of accidental disability for up to R130 000 for the duration of the policy. Under the Core Plan you will also be covered in case of death, accidental or due to natural causes.

The Principal member will receive death coverage of R15 000, and spouses and children between 14-21 years will receive R5000 death cover. Children between 6-13 years will receive R2500 and children between 1-5 years will receive R 1250. Unborn children from 28 weeks will receive R750 death cover.

Who Will Benefit from the Core Plan?

The Core Plan from One Plan Health Insurance is designed as a comprehensive entry level plan that means that families can enjoy cover for less whilst still enjoying the finer things. This means that you will not to cut out all the luxuries, romantic getaways and family holidays in order to afford comprehensive health cover.

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