May 21, 2022


Extensions are one of today’s most popular style tools. Anyone can easily enhance their appearance with extensions, from everyday people to celebrities. Extensions are the best place to start if you’re looking for lengthening, color, or volume. I recommend choosing lighter colors than darker ones if you are concerned about color selections. It is easier to blend lighter colors. Typically, extensions are done in a gradient or an ombre which aids in natural appearance. Extensions are more than that. Here are some additional details to answer your burning questions about hair extensions.

It is essential to choose the right hair extensions for your hair.

Your desired look will determine the type of extensions that you need. The extensions should look natural and blend in with your hair. If you want them bolder, you should choose the most vibrant colors possible to give them that extra pop of color.


Clip-ins are the best way to achieve a natural look. Clip-ins are easy to use and take very little time to style. They can also enhance your appearance in many ways. Clip-ins can be a bit artificial, as I’ve heard from many. The way you “install” them will determine how they look. It is important to mix the extensions with your new hair. Start in sections (typically, extensions are sold in 8-10 hair). Make sure to leave enough hair at the top of your head to conceal any clips. Another misconception is about the size of the clips. Clips are smaller and blend well with hair, especially darker hair colors.


My first time buying hair extensions in Henderson NV was for a theater show. It was incredible. It’s easy to “install”, wraps around natural hair in small buns, or hides the string with a string, but it provides volume and length. Anyone can do it. If you’re worried about being unable to use extensions or any wigs, the pony is the best option. Before you know it, you will be rocking crazy-colored extensions every day.