The Cincinnati Medical School under the University of Cincinnati is a home of different medical departments which have excelled in different branches of medical sciences.

Department of Emergency Medicine – For more than thirty years the Department of Emergency Medicine has enjoyed excellence in the field of emergency medicines. They have a highly distinguished faculty and are the leaders in research and clinical teaching. The Cincinnati Medical School started first emergency medicine resident training program in 1970. Medical students aspire to join Cincinnati Medical School for getting quality education in the medical sciences. The Cincinnati University Hospital was among the 100 hospitals of the nations according to the World Report 2002 and U.S News.

Department of Environmental Health – The department of environmental health is a part of the Cincinnati School of Medicine. This department has a research facility equipped with new technologies in genomics, aerosol, environmental chemistry, and molecular genetics. The Department of Environmental Health offers medical residencies and graduate degrees. The department offers degrees in following graduate programs:

* Environmental Genetics and Molecular Toxicology * Epidemiology and Biostatistics * Environmental and Occupational Medicine * Environment and Occupational Hygiene

A medical graduate from one of these graduate programs can find a wide range of careers. It ranges from areas like Environmental Hygiene and Occupational Medicine to basic research programs in environmental and genetic factors affecting diseases. The department also offers M.S. and Ph.D programs. It also takes part in combined Ph.D/M.D program. A Master of Science program with a thesis or non-thesis program is also offered by the Department of Environmental Health.

Fellowship Program – There are two or three-year fellowship programs specially designed for the trainees in medical susceptibility or general internal medicine by the UCMC (University of Cincinnati Medical Center). This is a good opportunity for those who wish to pursue a career as a clinician-researcher in academics. The fellowship program here is accompanied with rigorous training in clinical epidemiology or clinical research. The first-year fellowship program is devoted to interdisciplinary core curriculum. This curriculum leads to a degree in Master’s of Science in Clinical Research after the completion of the course and the master’s thesis in the College of Medicine’s
Department of Environmental Health.

Apart from allowing the fellows to participate in different clinical activities, much of their time is protected for doing research work. It is necessary for the fellows to attend scheduled work, seminars and departmental and divisional conferences. During the research programs, fellows are supported and mentored by the staff and faculty division of the Internal Medicine and the Study of Health institute.

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