Amnesia is the partial or complete memory loss. Different types and degrees of amnesia occur in old age and in some mental disorders.The most common form of disease is the verbal amnesia, where the patient forgets the words or names. An uncommon form of amnesia is the temporary loss of memory wherein the person forgets his own identity and has no recollection of the past or present.

The main reason of the amnesia is the harm to the brain cells by diseases which affect them directly or indirectly, due to a poor blood supply caused by circulatory diseases. The poor memory is also caused due to a dullness of the intellect or a weakness of the brain. Majority of the cases of amnesia are of a psychological origin. These are caused by anxiety neurosis where the person tens to seek attention to his/her problems. A temporary loss of memory occurs due to an injury.

Rosemary is an effective herbal remedy for treating memory loss. It can be had in tea form once or twice a day. It is a refreshing drink and is effective remedy for enhancing the mental capacity.

Another herb that is effective in treating amnesia is brahmi booti which is also known as Bacop scrophulariaceae. Take about 7 gm of this herb and dry it in shade. Ground it with water along with 7 kernels of almonds and ½ gm of pepper. Strain the mixture and add 25 gm of sugar to the mixture. Take this mixture every morning on an empty stomach for 15 days.

Sage is also a useful herb for treating amnesia. Sage acts on the cortex of brain, mitigates mental exhaustion and also increases the concentration levels. It can be had in the form of tea on a regular basis.

Almonds are excellent for improving the mental faculties. They contain unique properties to remove brain debility and to strengthen the brain. Almonds help in preserving the vitality of the brain and curing the ailments which originate from the nervous disorders. Ten to twelve almonds should be soaked in water overnight and remove the skin in the morning. Make a fine paste of the almonds and mix with a teaspoonful of butter and eat. Ten to fifteen drops of almond oil can be inhaled through the nose in the morning or evening. These two methods are great in improving the brain health.

Take about 20 gm of walnut every day for improving brain health. If the walnuts are taken with figs or raisins the benefits of the walnuts are enhanced.

Apples are rich in vitamin B1, phosphorus and potassium which help in synthesizing glutamic acid. Glutamic acid is responsible for controlling the wear and tear of the nerve cells. Eat an apple with 1 teaspoon of honey and a cup of milk to treat memory loss and mental irritability. This remedy acts as an effective nerve tonic and helps in recharging the nerves with new energy.

Other fruits such as figs, grapes, oranges and dates which are rich in phosphorus are also beneficial.

Cumin seeds are also good for treating amnesia. Mix three grams of black cumin seeds with two teaspoonfuls of pure honey and take it once a day, in the morning.

Finely ground five seeds of black pepper and mix with a teaspoon of honey for treating amnesia. Take this mixture in the morning and evening.

Patient of amnesia should have foods rich in phosphorus such as cereals, pulses, nuts, egg yolk and milk. Take adequate rest and practice relaxing techniques.

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