June 22, 2021

A Workout To Lose Belly Fat Fast


I have to say that losing fat on only one area of your body, in my experience, is somewhat of a myth. You need to workout your entire body and reduce your overall body fat to see the results. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should only run or only do cardio. What you need is a little bit of everything! I’ve tried LOTS of different workouts, and I purchased all sorts of programs. I was so fed up with the whole thing that I almost gave up: all of these products advertised “no sweat”, “no strain”, “stress-free”, “easy” workouts that would give me a six-pack without having to leave my office chair, apparently. But when you actually purchased the course, you’d realize that you HAD to actually exercise. I tried many times to follow a workout plan, but most of the time I would follow along with the DVDs once, or maybe twice, before giving myself a ton of excuses not to follow-through.

But you know what? 

Losing weight is a simple goal once you start taking responsibility. I decided I’d had enough and set out to create my own workout plan. I just couldn’t bear the fact that I had this huge spare tire around my waist and I wanted to do something about it. I felt so unsexy when I looked at my naked body that I would almost apologize to my wife for being such a fatso. Thank God she always supported me and said a few words that made everything easier. She said: “Darling, as long as each day you make progress, you can consider that day a success”.

Wow, what a woman I have.

To cut things short what I did was: I looked around the net for a few basic workout plans, I modified them for my needs, and I swore to do at least one of the exercises each day, even if it seemed impossible because of my agenda or whatever!

My lose belly fat fast workout was this

I ran 3 miles every other day (I hated running before I realized I had to ditch my iPod. Listening to my steps and the world around me really had an entrancing effect, and I started to LOVE running. It was my personal meditation!)

I did 4 series of 50 reps of squats (4×50 squats)

I did 5 series of 20 reps of push-ups (5×20 pushups)

I did 4 series of 50 reps of ab crunches (4×50 crunches)  [important: I thought these didn’t work for getting rid of your belly fat, but I have been once told by a personal trainer that I was doing them all wrong. The secret to perfect ab crunches is to keep your chin towards the ceiling. If you focus on that, the movement is going to be perfect. Try it now, thank me later! And that’s it! I can tell you that, although, I didn’t keep a log, I didn’t do the whole workout every day. In fact, I think I only did ALL of that just twice. I would excercise around 4 days a week and I would try to focus more on the abs than anything else. The muscular tissue of the abs will start to burn your belly fat from behind!