Snacks are a big part of your child’s diet. Therefore, it is essential that you only give your child the ones that he or she will love and also will be healthy as well. You child will not get all the nutrients via only breakfast, lunch and dinner. That’s why it’s crucial that you should think of snacking, as a unique way to give your child extra boost for being active and healthy.

It should be kept in memory that all snacks are not suitable for health. You should not let your child have junk food as snacks. Always try to develop an everyday plan, where you will provide your child with snacks at specific intervals throughout the day. 

Seven Tested Healthy Snacks For Your Kids

1. Popcorn

There is no doubt that popcorn is an instant hit with kids. As with popular misconceptions, it is not junk food. Instead, it is a nutritious whole grain. Every 3-cup serving of popcorn contains about four grams of fibre. This makes popcorn one of the tummy-filling healthy snack foods for your child. 

You can make the popcorn more nutritious by grating some cheese on top of it or by using butter. Remember not to use any unhealthy toppings, and you’ll be good to go. 

2. Ice Pops

It is straightforward to make ice pops at home. This will help you to control what kind of ingredients that will go inside the popsicles. You can easily use orange juice along with Greek, non-fat yoghurt and then make your kid an excellent Frozen Orange Ice Pop.

The ice pop will not only be tasty to eat but also will provide your child with all the essential Vitamin C nutrients from the orange juice. The yoghurt will be an additional source of calcium and protein.

3. Cookies

If you use the right ingredients to make cookies at home, you can make them ten times healthier than buying off retail stores. You can substitute white flour with whole-wheat pastry flour. To add more fibre, you can add oats and finally create Oatmeal Chocolate Cookies. Using applesauce instead of butter will help you reduce the saturated fats inside the cookies. 

Serve your child with these cookies and a glass of milk. It will be a balanced and nutritious snack. 

4. Nuts

Nuts come with fibre, healthy fats and also antioxidants. This dietary fat is essential for the growth of children. It has been reported that introducing nuts to children at a lesser age will reduce the risk of any allergic reactions later on. 

Groundnuts, peanuts, almonds, etcetera, will be an excellent start for your child. You can order nuts along with other healthy goodies from Healthy Snack Box Australia e-commerce services. 

5. Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is a creamy and fresh type of cheese, which is very soft, even for infants to eat. It is rich in protein, selenium, calcium and Vitamin B12. The presence of Vitamin B12 helps in the overall brain development and proper growth of children. 

You can serve cottage cheese with fresh or dried fruit toppings or just spread it on a whole-wheat toast, for an ideal power-snack.

6. Hard-Boiled Eggs

One of the most highly nutritious and excellent snacks for kids will be hard-boiled eggs. You can store hard-boiled eggs in your refrigerator for a high-protein, quick treat for your kids. Eggs contain protein, minerals and vitamins, like selenium, riboflavin and Vitamin B12. 

Eggs are also advantageous for your child’s eye health and brain development, due to the presence of choline, lutein, carotenoids and zeaxanthin. 

7. Raisins And Dates

Raisins are generally dried grapes. They contain all of the nutrients that grapes possess but in a smaller form-factor. Raisins contain iron, which will help your child’s body to pick-up sufficient oxygen through the haemoglobin cells in the blood. They also contain oleanolic acid, which aids in keeping your kid’s teeth healthy and prevent any bacterial formation.

Dates are also a great convenient and healthy snack food, which is easy to grab and eat. They nourish your child’s skin, hair and keep them healthy.

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