If you are a working professional, then you already know how stressful life is and how hard it can be to relax and to let go completely. You are either worrying as to whether you have filed in form 14 or have paid your taxes on time or wondering as to whether you would be able to meet your current monthly expenses. There can be any number of reasons that you would be worried and stressed to the point that you are no longer able to get a sound sleep or for that matter, able to relax either. And sooner or later, it will start taking a toll on your health and may even lead you to develop some severe health conditions. It is all the more reason as to why you should check out the five yoga poses that can help you relax and heal effectively.

Legs up the wall: In this yoga pose, you would be leaning against the wall with your buttocks pressed close to the wall. Then you would need to slowly stretch out your legs against the wall so that your back or rather your lower back is pressed against the lowest portion of the wall with your legs pointing up. Now, place a scented kerchief against your eyes, stretch both your arms to the sides, and slowly inhale and exhale. Do a few reps, and you should feel your anxiety slowly melting away, and you may also notice a discernable drop in your heart rate immediately

Child pose: In this pose, you would need to stretch out that yoga mat; now kneel down on the yoga mat, and try to stretch out completely on the same, facing forward. Relax, and try to have your knees together or in a V shape. You need to be able to relax completely, and that means that you need to soften, relax, and let go. Relax your muscles, your neck, and your back and feel your tensions ebb away. This would definitely lend a helping hand concerning your anxiety and stress issues.

Seated forward bend: On the outset, it may seem, but in time and with practice, you will find that this is one of the most natural yoga positions that you can try out with increasing ease and regularity. Find a yoga mat, sit on the same with your legs stretched out in front of you and now, slowly bend with your arms until you can touch your toes. You will find that in time you can hold this position for longer, and what’s more, you get to exercise your hamstring at the same time as well.

Cat/cow pose: This is a famous yoga pose and one that certainly stands out for the relaxing effect it has on the rest of your body. You need to get on all fours on the yoga mat with your hands below your shoulders and your legs below your hip bones. Once you are in position, you need to inhale, lower your back, draw your shoulders together, and find the cow phase. You then need to exhale, let your shoulders resume their normal positions and get into the cat pose. And as you inhale and exhale, you should feel the effects of the same on your back, stretching up and down your back. It should help you rapidly recover your normal moods and help to relieve anxiety and stress as well.

Standing forward bend: You do not need a mat for this; you can do this at your home or even in your office. All you need is to stand with your hips slightly apart. Now stretch your arms, and slowly bend forwards and let everything go, so that you resemble a rag doll. You should feel the heaviness leaving your shoulders and the rest of your body. You can hold this position as long as you like.

These are some of the yoga poses that you may want to try out to help relieve those anxiety and high-stress levels and lead a better-relaxed life in the process.

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