Bad breath can occur due to various reasons, stemming from various health conditions, unsanitary habits, to eating lots of garlic/onion and the list goes on. It can be quite disconcerting to come across someone in close proximity, with bad breath being wafted across your face. And worse, what happens if it is your breath that stinks? How do you get rid of the same? This is how you do it, read the rest of the article to know how you can get rid of your bad breath effectively.

Brush regularly: Most people are often under the impression that they need to brush their teeth for a few seconds and that they would be set for the day. That’s not even close; you would need to brush your teeth actively for anywhere from two to three minutes to remove all the plaque and food debris from your teeth. Otherwise, the organic matter would start to rot and would cause your breath to go bad, real soon. So if you are interested in maintaining those sparkling smiles, and fresh breath, you would need to ensure that you brush your teeth regularly, for at least two to three minutes

Tongue scraper: You may also want to check in with the local pharmacy as to whether they have a tongue scraper. You need to scrape your tongue regularly after you brush your teeth as this can help clean any organic debris that may coat your tongue. Your tongue may also contain folds which is why it is essential that you purchase a scraper or go in for a toothbrush whose back, you can use as one.

Mouth rinse: You can try a chemical mouth rinse solution; you would need to rinse your mouth regularly to get that fresh, clean breath but do keep in mind that a mouth rinse does not remove bad breath altogether, but only serves to mask it. A more effective way would be to rinse your mouth with green or black tea since either can help remove bad breath and can even help prevent bacterial growth as well. It will certainly have you climbing with confidence as you get ready to handle the challenges of the modern world.

Visit your dentist: If your bad breath is not going away, despite all that brushing, flossing, scraping, and mouth rinses, then it is high time that you paid your dentist a visit. It has been known that several health conditions can cause your breath to stink, and if you happen to be in your golden years, then it is all the more likely that an underlying health condition is causing the problem. You may need to take a few tests, but a visit to the dentist is a must.

Smoking and chewing tobacco: If you ever need a stronger reason to quit smoking or chewing tobacco, then all you have to do is to check online for “lifting the veneer” or “tobacco stains on teeth” to get a good idea as to the impact that smoking can have on your teeth. You need to quit right away and granted that it would be hard for the first week, but with support and nicotine patches as well as gums, you should be able to do it. But the more pertinent reason as to why you need to quit smoking is that it causes bad breath, For example, hold a cigarette between your two fingers for a minute or two, now, smell those fingers, and you will get a good idea as to how bad your breath can be.

These are some of the ways that you can combat bad breath; bad breadth as mentioned earlier can be caused by several factors, but you can review the tips listed here to help deal with the same. Just remember, that it may take time to dissipate and it may not happen in an hour but will take a while.

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