October 20, 2021

3 Awesome Fat Burning Workout Programs For Men

If you’re tired of seeing those tires on your tummy, and want to get rid of unwanted flat on your body, then you need to follow some of the effect fat-burning workout programs. Needless to say that following a stringent diet goes hand-in-hand with such workout programs, and just exercising daily won’t help, if you can’t resist yourself from munching those chicken nuggets, burgers, pastries, and sipping the soft drinks! The whole point of burning fat through these exercises is to get rid of excess fat, and not to compensate for the additional fat that you accumulate by eating the junk food items throughout the day. So, the first and the foremost step is to put a big check on your diet, and stay away from all the oily stuff, and then try these 3 awesome fat-burning programs.

10-Minute Plyometric Workout

It’s a great exercise to lose fat not just for men but even for women, and it works as a great program to get you started with losing fat. A plyometric routine essentially boosts the efficiency of sweat session. These moves are intense; and they force you to work several muscles at a time, and this workout is even recommended by the likes of Reebok Sports Club/NY in New York City. Since your heart rate is up all entire time, you tend to burn a lot of calories, few seconds after the workout, which greatly helps in losing fat too. Just do the six scorchers twice for 10 minutes, three days in a week, and see the magic happening within just 2-3 weeks time.

Bodyweight Circuit Cardio

The next good cardio fat burning workout programs for men is the bodyweight circuit cardio. To start with, you begin with an easy and quick bodyweight exercise like jumping jacks. Following this, you can alternate between three upper body and three lower body bodyweight exercises by using lunges, pushups, squats, pulling exercises like chin-ups and rows, complete body abs exercises like mountain climbers, and split squats. At last, finish the eight exercise circuit with a hard total body exercise like jumping or running in place. This whole workout program is an ideal fat burning cardio.

Interval Training Cardio

Interval training cardio is yet another great cardio exercise, which helps in losing fat. A 5-minute warm-up followed power exercises for one minute at a speed 20% higher than normal cardio exercise can do wonders, and then you can cool-down. So, essentially you increase your heart-beat with some quick cardio, and then perform tough exercises to lose all that unwanted fat from the body. Remember to go out and play, and not just sit at home and watch TV after doing these superb workouts, and putting all the efforts on controlling your diet. You will only burn the fat when you consume less calories, burn a lot of them, and don’t fat to deposit on your body again.

Author Bio

Herbert Matthaus is a fitness expert who has been helping individual around the world in losing fat, and getting those toned 6-pack abs that all the girls simply die for. He works as online personal trainer only for high profile clients, and his fat burning workout programs for me have been very effective to date.