September 22, 2021

10 Post Surgery Self Caring Tips

Surgery is a rollercoaster of hurting and healing that your body will experience. It is vital to take care of your body once your surgery is over for a speedy recovery. Wondering how? 

Post Surgical Care

The following are the ten tips that will guide you in taking care of yourself post-surgery:

  • Avoid direct sun for at least three months post-surgery. It will darken your scar and will also make it itchy. If you cannot avoid the sun, cover your incision with a cloth, it will keep it safe from direct sunlight.  
  • Home care after surgery Mansfield, is not arduous, but you must keep your incision and surrounding skin in check for blood clots. Pain, discoloration, swelling, excessive redness, and wide veins are some of the most common signs of a blood clot. 
  • Avoid bathing or showering as wetting the incision at all within 24 hours post-surgery can lead to an infection. 
  • In case of an infection, the redness around the incision widens, and it may hurt more than usual. One should immediately contact the doctor so the medication for it can begin. Ignoring signs of infection can make post-surgery recovery difficult. 
  • Hesitating from taking pain killers can leave you suffering and mental exhaustion, in turn, affecting the speed of recovery. Take the prescribed pain killers when the pain begins, as it can get difficult to control the pain later with oral medicines. 
  • Do not scratch your incision even if it is itchy. Apply the medical cream that your doctor recommends on it. Moisturizing the incision can also be helpful to reduce the itchy feel. 
  • When you start bathing, make sure that you don’t rub your incision with the towel. Always pat the towel on it for drying it up. 
  • Do not start exercising or any other strainful physical activity until your doctor clears you for it. It is better to stick to light movement initially so the body can use its energy for healing. 
  • Bandages on the incision must be regularly changed. If the bandage is becoming red with blood quicker than usual, you must see your doctor. 
  • Food plays a significant role in the speed of your recovery after surgery. Avoid an oily diet, and do not eat eggplants and pumpkins as they will elongate the healing of the incision. 


Everyone aims to resume regular life after their surgery as soon as possible. However, sometimes the recovery is not speedy, and you are unable to find what went wrong. It can happen because maybe you are not taking your proper care. Surgery does not mean that your part is over; your body still needs you to pay attention to it and take care of it. Use the tips above to recover faster and better after your surgery.